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Afrik emailing opens the doors of business in Africa since 2009.

Awared of the strong economic development of the African market, Afrik e -mailing has mails databases in more than 20 countries in Africa.

The set of databases meet specific criteria such as the ability to take decisions within a structure or the purchasing power allows us to reach all economic operators and decision-makers of Africa.

Present since 2009 in the heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso, we work for our e -mail campaigns with professional routing services based in France and have our own dedicated server.

Concerned about the transparency of our work, we send to our customers a personalized tracking link for each of its e-mailing campaign.

Afrik e-mailing, it’s more than 500 customers and more than 10,000 e-mailing campaigns across the African continent.

You have a message to spread or you want to develop your business quickly in Africa, we are the contact you need.

What our customers says

« Camier made ​​an e-mail campaign with Afrik e -mailing to boost its operations in several domains. The results was awesome, attendance to mechanical auto parking as well as 4 × 4 car rentals rose at the same time, and electrical work and safety have greatly developed. « 

Agence Camier

« The email campaigns sent by Afrik emailing for us helped us to make our office known and permitted us the conclusion of certain contracts. Afrik with e -mailing is courteous, available, adequate and with some ability to quickly understand your needs and guide you in your choices. « 

Martial BONI, Cabinet MAR’N’CONSULT

« Afrik E-mailing could be recommanded for all its services. They are really known professionals, with a great experience in this domain. »

Sandra BORGHETTI, Terminator

 » Africawork is a Panafrican recruitment company. We worked with Afrik E -mailing to develop our customer portfolio. We were able to offer our services to many companies and achieve our goals. We are very satisfied with the quality of Afrik E –mailing’s service and I highly recommend this simple, fast and efficient communication channel. « 

Frédéric de Morcourt, Africawork

You also want to send your information messages?

Afrik e-mailing allows you to broadcast your advertising messages or information such as:

  • Recruitment notices
  • a new shipment
  • the announcement of a seminar, training or an event
  • a promotion
  • Partners seeking
  • Announcement
  • general informations message

The reactivity is required in the quest of new markets and new customers.

Email marketing is accelerating, customizes and pays back your direct marketing actions…

Choose your country

Afrik e -mailing has mails databases in more than 20 countries in Africa, you can choose one or more countries according to your development needs

Choose your formula

We propose 4 formulas with discounts, you can choose 12 campaigns, 6, 3, or one campaign. Each formula is valid for 1 year.

Choose your dates

You are free to choose the release dates of your email campaigns.

Our engagement

After each campaign, you will receive a link allowing you to follow live evolution of your campaign.

Interested by our services ?

Send your request for quotation and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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